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Empowering discovery through collaborative science.
Agorium is a platform that empowers researchers to collaborate, share data, and shine a spotlight on their work in a more efficient and accessible manner.

Connecting researchers, institutions, and funding agencies to facilitate the discovery and advancement of new knowledge.


Facilitating collaboration and teamwork among researchers, scientific communities, and other stakeholders to promote interdisciplinary research and knowledge-sharing.


Record and showcase your cutting-edge results and methodologies to streamline research processes and enhance data sharing.


Streamlining the funding process and connecting researchers with potential supporters to help advance groundbreaking research and drive social impact.

About Us


Sam Edalat

Welcome to Agorium! As someone who is deeply passionate about scientific research, I understand the importance of collaboration and data sharing. That's why I founded Agorium, a platform designed to connect researchers, facilitate collaboration, and promote innovative discoveries. I believe that through Agorium, we can make a real difference in the way researchers work together, and I am excited to be a part of that journey.

Samuel Bartlett

As a computational science and engineering enthusiast with a passion for collaboration, I co-founded Agorium to provide researchers with a more efficient and accessible way to connect and innovate together. Through my experiences traveling the world and working as a bartender, I learned the value of bringing people together and fostering meaningful connections.

Georgios Valotasios

With years of experience in the tech industry across diverse domains, I have discovered my true passion lies in driving growth and success for high impact ventures. That enthusiasm lies in Agorium, which aims to facilitate seamless collaboration between scientists globally